13 June


The big teaching point

Hebrews 8:1-9:14
Jesus is the king of everybody, everywhere; and because he forgives us, we can have access to God forever.

Chat with your child about...

(This passage is a bit like a game of Spot the Difference, comparing Jesus’ better ministry, covenant and promises with the earthly priests’…so this chatting section will be combined with the activity…)

Last week, in the Bible, we learned that God fixes things that are broken. This week, we learn about how he does that and for how long it lasts.

Using, e.g. an orange and a banana, chat with your child about the differences between them- name, shape, colour. In the Bible today, we learn that, a long time ago, God used people called priests. The priest’s job was to help people to be friends with God. That was a very good job!

But, there was a problem…it didn’t work for very long. And they had to keep doing it over and over again. The good news is that Jesus is different (just like the orange is different from the banana). The Bible tells us two very important things that are different about Jesus:
He makes us friends with God by forgiving us.
He makes us friends with God forever!

(Chat about what God means by forgiveness here – it’s saying seriously sorry, asking for God’s help and depending on Jesus who carries away our sin. Also talk about forever – that is easier!)


Dear God, thank you that Jesus is makes us friends with God forever by forgiving us. Amen


Make a paper windmill. Write ‘Jesus’ on the windmill. As it spins round, talk about how Jesus makes us friends with God forever.


  • My God is so big