2 May


The big teaching point

Hebrews 1:5-2:4
Jesus is so much greater than everybody and everything (even angels), so listen to him really well.

Chat with your child about...

When people tell us things sometimes they really matter and sometimes they don't matter so much. What if mummy tells you to do something? (It matters!) What if a teacher at nursery tells you to do something? (It matters!) What if Peppa Pig tells you to do something? (It doesn't matter as much!) When important people say something, we should listen.

In the Bible we hear that angels spoke God's words. Who are angels? They were sent by God to give a message. They were really important. But Jesus is even more important! Listening to Jesus is really important so that we stay close to God.


Dear God, thank you that Jesus speaks to us when we read the Bible. Help us to listen well so we stay close to you. Amen.


Ask your child to listen and do certain things (eg. get your shoes; stick this sticker; pick up a book; wave at birds). Comment on the really good listening. As you encourage good listening link it with the fact that we can listen to Jesus and stay close to God.


Draw and colour in some angel wings and write ‘Jesus is the best’


  • Jesus is greater