21 March


The big teaching point

John 18:28-40
Everybody is now against Jesus. That seems like a bad plan. But Jesus' good plan is still going to work out.

Application for children

Chat with child your about:
Next day, before breakfast, the leaders took Jesus to the Romans. The leaders had a bad plan – they wanted to kill Jesus. But only the Romans could kill prisoners. The man in charge of the Romans, called Pilate, talked to Jesus. He asked him “Are you a king?” Jesus said “Yes and my kingdom is bigger and better than any other kingdom.” This made the Romans and the leaders even more angry.

It looked scary… but, Jesus knew what was going to happen and he wasn’t afraid because he was in charge.

It looks like something terrible is happening. Jesus was going to be killed. But, this was all part of God’s plan. His plan is always to save people. Jesus did everything so that people who love him can be friends with him forever.


Dear God, Thank you that Jesus is always in charge. Thank you that he does everything to make us his friends. Please help us to remember that he is the best king. Amen.


Like the crowd (John 18:40) do some shouting! But shout “Who is the best king? Jesus, Jesus!” while marching round the room/house/park!


Make a paper/card crown and decorate it.


  • Jesus is the king, ruler over everything