31 January


Psalm 126

This Psalm is written by someone who seems to be going through difficult times. By looking back and seeing how God has looked after his people in the past, he can be certain that God will look after his people now and forever. We’re going to use the story of God’s dealings with Joseph in Genesis to show how this works out in real life.

The big teaching point

God looks after his people in lots of different ways.

Application for children

Read the story of Joseph in an appropriate Bible (The Beginner's Bible maybe) or you could use this script and tell the story with Duplo people (or any toys/figures you have!)

"Jacob loved his son Joseph more than all his other boys. Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful new coat. It had lots of colours. Jacob's other boys were very cross. Joseph had dreams at night. This made the other boys cross too. They wanted Joseph to go away but God was still looking after him. Even when he was taken away from home, God was looking after him. Even when he was put in prison, God was looking after him. Even when there was no food, God looked after him. And Joseph looked after his brothers and gave them food because he knew God looks after all his people."

Chat with your child about how God is looking after them. E.g. how God gives them lots of good things (cosy bed, breakfast, toys, the park to play in, etc.)


Dear God, thank you that you always look after us all the time. Amen


Either: draw around your hand, decorate and write “God is always with me” on each finger. Or: hold up your hand and point to each digit in turn as you the phrase “God is always with me”.


  • When I am afraid I will trust in you
  • I can talk to Jesus