Let the Building for the Future Project commence!

Building for the Future update

27 April 2021

It’s been a long wait, 9 years of planning and praying but we are finally here. The first stages of the Building for the Future Project have begun!

With a fantastic team of volunteers, the main church was emptied, and most equipment moved over to the church centre to be put into storage or set up for Sunday services in the Hall. The flooring has been removed thanks to a team from the Oakes and many others, and the pews have been detached and sent off to new homes- members of the church family, other churches and even a film set. So you never know, you might spot one of our pews in a film one day!

church flooring being taken up
The Oakes Team removing the flooring
empty church building
Empty building, with no pews and no flooring
work teams eating ice cream
A much needed ice cream break

St Cuthberts, Fishlake were one of the churches to receive a number of Fulwood pews and they sent us a lovely message since acquiring them.

“The benches arrived this afternoon and I have to say we are highly delighted with them. As you may know Fishlake was badly flooded in November 2019 and the church became the main centre for refuge, respite and basic essentials. Eighteen months later we were keen to establish an area in church where community support and events could take place. Working with a local charity we will be putting on wellbeing workshops and we were really wondering how we could make a very spartan space more welcoming. So we were so thankful to see your offer, the benches and carpet fit our requirements perfectly.”

It’s an answer to prayer that our Building for the Future plans can go ahead but it’s great to know that this plan can also help others in serving their communities.

The contracts were signed and on the 26th April. The contractors have made the upper car park their temporary home by moving their containers in and getting ready to commence the next stage of the work.

As the work commences, please be praying for the following:

  • That the building work will progress with no complications.
  • That the church team, building committee and contractors will work well together.
  • That we will keep turning to God throughout this project, being thankful for his provisions and remembering the purpose of the building project.

Over the next 6 months we will be keeping you up to date with the progress of the building project so keep coming back to the website, look out for our weekly news emails and news sheets to find out more.

The aim of the building project is to make the church building:

Welcoming – we want the church building to be an open and welcoming place, with lots of light and space, a place that feels warm and bright, a place where you feel at home and know that we’re glad you’ve come and hope you’ll stay.

Accessible – church is for everyone, therefore our buildings should be accessible to all. We will be installing a lift in the church centre in replacement of the stair lift and we will be creating a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Flexible – we want to use the main church building for more than just our Sunday services. By removing the pews and replacing them with chairs means that we can have small groups, events and activities taking place in the church building throughout the week; making the space multi-functional, 7 days a week.

This is not about buildings for the sake of buildings, this is all about our conviction that to know Jesus is our deepest need and greatest joy. We believe these plans make our buildings much more useful as we seek to introduce Christ to as many people as we can, both now and in the generations to come, this really is a building for the future project.

That’s just a snippet into the Building for the Future plan but why not refresh your memory about what’s to come by checking out the ‘Moving Forward’ video below. Exciting times ahead!