Let’s keep praying for NHS workers

Christmas 2021

In the first lockdown NHS workers were much in the public eye. In society they were widely thanked as heroes who served us while putting themselves in real danger. We clapped for carers on Thursday evenings. At church we regularly prayed for them. But now in this second lockdown this focus has been somewhat lost.
Below is a video interview with Becky McMinn (another in our ‘Paul German interviews…’ series). In this she talks about her experience as an NHS nurse during the pandemic, including her description of catching Covid-19 for herself. She talks openly about her fears through it, but also her trust in God.
Watching this video has been a wake-up call for me to continue praying for our NHS workers, who are still putting themselves in danger for the sake of others. I wonder if you might like to join me in this? If so here are a few pointers on what to pray for NHS workers:
  • Give thanks for those who are continuing to work even though it puts themselves in danger.
  • Pray for their protection, especially for the many who are part of the Christ Church Fulwood Family.
  • Pray for Christians to trust in God to be their protector, and to continue as a witness in their workplaces.
  • Pray for the pandemic to end.
  • Pray for the new world where there is no sickness to come!