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Videos from our team helping us make sense of the covid-19 world

Celebrate Victory

Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. As we celebrate that victory, and wait for victory over Covid-19, Chris encourages us to consider Easter, and Jesus’ victory over death.

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Get out of the tree

Are you a digital Zacchaeus? Have you been looking in from the safety of home? Would you be willing to ‘get out of the tree’ and meet with Jesus personally?

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The human enigma

This pandemic has brought out, both the best, and the worst in people. Wonderfully, we’ve seen acts of great kindness and sacrifice.

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A safe pair of hands

In the last few days we’ve become much more aware of what we’re doing with our hands. The government is urgently telling us “wash your hands thoroughly” and “don’t touch your face”.

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