For to me,
to live is Christ
and to die is gain.

Philippians 1:21
Partnership 2023

Partners in Thanksgiving

Responding to God's love with joyful sacrifice
This has been a remarkable year! Spending time during January in Paul’s letter to the Philippians encouraged us to seek more and more of Jesus Christ. This, in turn, fuelled our month of prayer. There have been numerous other signs of the Lord at work among us. What a joy it was to see the youth House Party flourishing during the summer, and for there to be a need to return to two morning services so that we could enjoy deeper fellowship with one another. Many of us will have been able to speak of a growing sense of God’s love for and among us during this year. Remembering these things is fitting as we now consider again our financial plans for the coming year.

Each year we have worked to the principle as a church family of our regular giving meeting the cost of our regular expenditure. In planning our ministry for 2024, we have fresh, if unsurprising, realities to face; with rising inflation, along with other factors, there is a need for an uplift in income of £140,00. But we are also seeking the Lord’s leading on the appointment of a woman to a senior role to meet the clear pastoral need; the combined costs for this role amount to £60,000. Alongside that, we would dearly love to restore some key expenditure to previous levels after cutting back £100,000 last year.

These are ambitious goals, but they reflect our desire to match the mission God is laying before us with a shared sense of commitment to sacrificial service. We began the year remembering Nehemiah’s story of the radical generosity to be found in God’s character. Once again, may we ask you to respond to God’s generosity with a similar mindset? Raising our regular giving could be achieved through a combination of new givers, along with a review of current contributions from existing givers.

Please can you help?

Can you join with us in praying for new, regular givers within the church family? If you are new, please ask the Lord to show you whether it would be right to begin supporting our ministry financially. Many Christians find it helpful to set the level of their giving as a proportion of their income. The Old Testament has a pattern of tithing 10% of income and many believers adopt this as their model. The New Testament encourages believers to give generously – and this can be interpreted as more or less than the tithe according to individual circumstances. 

Some within our church family have already reviewed and increased their giving. Thank you! If you are yet to do this, please could you prayerfully consider whether you are able to increase your contribution? In our partnership with Christ, it would be wonderful if, as a church family, our giving to the work of Christ at Christ Church Fulwood continues to be generous, cheerful, and sacrificial.

The Bible reminds us that:

Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.
(1 Chronicles 29:14)

While each of us considers before God what we can give, we also recognise that some in our church family may need to revise their giving downwards and we completely understand.

Please do prayerfully consider what you can give, either regularly, through a one-off gift, or both to support the current ministry of our church.


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