The Building Project is moving on to the next stage!

Building for the Future update

4 June 2021

The exciting news is that the work on the church building remains on schedule, an answer to prayer! The block work has started in the south aisle to form the store rooms and accessible toilet area.

South Aisle
South Aisle
Church Building
East Tower

The next stage begins…

Preparations are in progress to make the church yard safe and secure ready to commence work on the courtyard in parallel to the work in the church. The contractors will begin to create a new entrance which will consist of a clearly identifiable entrance that is inviting, level and safe. The courtyard will incorporate a wide pathway with landscaping down either side.

Next stages

  • Removal and lowering of parts of the boundary wall.
  • The courtyard space will be levelled and covered with a protective membrane.
  • Some of the stone work will be laid flat or moved to a nearby location in the graveyard. 
  • As the work on the church building moves to completion a new path will then be laid, with the surrounding areas landscaped.

There has been a very thorough consultation process over the last 5 years regarding the headstones and for the work to move forward, all necessary permissions have been given and a very detailed record has been kept. The contractors understand the need for sensitivity and great care as we undertake these works and to ensure this, the contractors will be following clear guidelines outlined by the Council and Diocese. This space will become a safer area for the congregation and guests in line with our objectives for the building project.

Please contact the Building for the Future committee for any further information and as you pop along to church services you may just catch a glimpse of the ongoing work.

Give thanks:

  • That the work is proceeding to schedule.
  • That all the asbestos in the church has been removed or is sealed off.
  • That the work has progressed safely.
  • For a number of significant unexpected gifts received and the funding gap being reduced.
  • That the first batch of chairs arrived last week and are being used in the hall.

Please pray:

  • Give thanks that so far, the contractors have managed to obtain all of the building materials required. Continue to pray that within a national shortage of some products e.g.  cement, we will not experience any supply difficulties.
  • That the work can proceed with minimum impact on day-to-day ministry.
  • For the church team, professional team and the contractors, that they will continue to work together well.
  • For Paul Dodd representing the client on a day-to-day basis.
  • For the Courtyard work that commenced last week. That this work will proceed to plan with no unexpected challenges or problems.
  • For the continuing health, safety and welfare of all involved in the project.
  • For the committees or trustees of the various funding bodies reviewing our grant applications, that they would generously respond to our submissions.
  • That we will keep turning to God throughout this project, being thankful for his provision and remembering the purpose of the building to bring people to know the Lord Jesus.