The vision for the Building for the Future is taking shape

Building for the Future update

The vision for the Building for the Future Project is taking shape as work continues at pace in the church building. The scaffolding in the East tower has been removed to reveal a sparkling view of the top of the tower. Temporary scaffolding will return later to enable the new tower windows to be fitted; and to add one last coat of paint!

The extended dais has been shaped, as has the accessibility ramp in the North corner. The piping for the underfloor heating is being installed followed with another layer of insulation and a final ‘top coat’ of screed. This will bring the floor up to its final height. As you can see from the photos below, the final floor has been installed.

In the courtyard, work to re-build and re-shape the stone walling along Canterbury Avenue has commenced; the welcoming new entrance is rapidly emerging!

Give thanks:

  • For continued good progress with no new major challenges emerging recently.
  • Good relationships with the main contractor and our professional teams and opportunities to be witnesses to God’s family here at Fulwood.
  • The work completed on the East Tower; our first glimpse of how different our re-ordered church building will soon be.

Please pray:

  • Progress can be maintained despite a national shortage of certain materials. We pray that items with long lead times will arrive on time.
  • To fully consider our response to the recent Vision Sunday, and that through God’s gracious provision, the remaining funding gap can be fully closed.
  • Plans for preparing the church centre for work to commence in November can be defined and executed efficiently.
  • We continue to remember that this project is not just about being good stewards of our buildings; we pray that this will further enable Gospel-led ministry in our parish for future generations.