Vision Sunday


Growing Fulwood to the Glory of God!

These have been unusual times for us as a church family.  We have spent much of 2020 and 2021 meeting online, and over the months ahead we will be seeking a new vicar.  We launched a new church graft to Oughtibridge in July 2020 and we are now well into a once-in-a-generation building renovation project.  During all this, church family communication has been hard, especially as our meeting in person has been restricted.  However, we continue to have a vision for leaders to be trained, churches to be planted, and the local church in Fulwood to grow, all for the glory of God!

Building   for
the   Future

Completing the Project

The reordering of the main church building is now well underway – very soon that will provide us with a welcoming and flexible space which we can use seven days a week (not just on Sundays).

The total project cost is £2,150,000.  A number of pledges are still to come in, and we have estimated the final grant funding we expect to receive.  This leaves us with a remaining funding gap of £59,000.  It is wonderful that this gap is less than 5% of the total project cost, but we still need the gap to be closed.  Please do prayerfully consider what you can give as a one-off amount.

Total project cost


Ongoing    Ministry

Serving the Lord in Fulwood

A principle we have worked to for many years as a church family is that regular giving should fund our regular expenditure.  By ‘regular giving’ we mainly mean standing orders, but we also include regular envelope giving and other recurring gifts.

We last talked about our regular finances as a church family when we launched ‘2020 Vision’ in early 2019 – almost three years ago.  Since then our staff salaries and church running costs have continued to rise, and, wonderfully, a large amount of giving went with our Oughtibridge brothers and sisters.  In addition, the practicalities for those in our church family who like to give using envelopes and physical cash or cheques have been harder to arrange because of Covid.  And, although many new people have joined us during the pandemic, a relatively small number have started giving.

Combining all of these factors, to balance the books as we go into 2022 we need to increase our current level of regular giving by a little over £100,000 annually.  This most likely will mean a combination of:

30 new people/couples/families giving an average of £175 per month (our current average level of giving per person/couple/family);​

a return to collections and envelopes, for which we will start providing a Covid-safe retiring collection in November; and

all of us reviewing and increasing our giving by an average of around 6% (an inflationary increase for the three years since we last reviewed our giving).

Numbers here are simply to provide a guide.  What is important is that we each consider before God what we are able to give.  For some, £10 per month will be wonderfully generous; some may need to revise their giving downwards; and others may be able to increase giving by 20% or more. Please do prayerfully consider what you can give regularly to support the regular ministry of our church.


Please fill in the form below which will cover your response to both the Building for the Future project and the church’s regular ministry needs. Thank you.

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