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Building for the future

The Lord’s building project, which is eternal, is to build a people who know him, love him and live for him.

Click here to download the October 2019 Building for the Future project update

Building for the future

We want Christ Church Fulwood to be a place where people of all ages come to know Jesus Christ, grow in that knowledge, and go on to serve him. Building for the Future is driven by that aim.

Our buildings have been at the heart of the community of Fulwood for more than 175 years. The fabric of the church building itself, the site and the church centre have evolved as our needs have changed and as the buildings have aged. They have worked hard, and the main structures remain sound, but they are inneed of attention. We increasingly struggle with crumbling masonry, ageing electrics and inefficient and inadequate heating. Our buildings are not as accessible and welcoming as they could be. At times they are actually hindering our aim. After much consideration and prayer the Parochial Church Council (PCC) believes that we have the opportunity to provide really good buildings for gospel ministry, witness and service to our community for generations to come.

We have both the responsibility, opportunity and privilege to ensure that the buildings continue to work for future generations with the primary aim of proclaiming the gospel.

In line with our vision – to plant churches, train leaders and grow Fulwood - we need to adapt the buildings and site to make them more suitable and safe. We want buildings which are warm, light, welcoming and alive to reflect the God whose message we proclaim.

Jeremy Bell of JBKS Architects has drawn up the plans you see in this booklet. They have received overwhelming support as they have been developed in consultation with the PCC over the last three years.

Building for the future is about this generation and the next... an opportunity to invest in your children and grandchildren. We should not just be building for ourselves, but for the future. For those who have not yet heard and understood the gospel, for those who are not yet part of our church family and even for those who have not yet been born.

We are imagining future generations looking back and saying thank you.

Rev Paul Williams, Vicar


Watch the videos below to find out more about why we are redeveloping the buildings, and to hear from other churches who have undergone building projects and what the changes have achieved:


Please download the brochure below to find out more about Building for the future and how you can be part of it. The response form and standing order and gift aid forms are also available to download.