Supporting gospel ministry, witness and service to our community for generations to come

We want Christ Church Fulwood to be a place where people of all ages come to know Jesus Christ, grow in that knowledge, and go on to serve him.

Our buildings have been at the heart of the community of Fulwood for more than 175 years. The fabric of the church building itself, the site and the church centre have evolved as our needs have changed and as the buildings have aged. They have worked hard, and the main structures remain sound, but they are in need of attention. We have increasingly struggled with crumbling masonry, ageing electrics and inefficient and inadequate heating. Our buildings are not as accessible and welcoming as they could be. At times they are actually hindering our aim. 

In line with our vision – to plant churches, train leaders and grow Fulwood – we are adapting the buildings and site to make them more suitable and safe. We want buildings which are warm, light, welcoming and alive to reflect the God whose message we proclaim.

Latest Updates

Building for the Future

What a journey we have been on

17 February 2022

For the refurbishment of the church building, we are nearly at journey’s end; lets remind ourselves of what the church used to look like and lets take a sneak peek at how the church is shaping up.

Building for the Future

Approaching the ‘final straight’

2 February 2022

As we approach the “final straight” with the refurbishment of the church building and creation of the courtyard, we have lots to be thankful for.

Building for the Future

Last update of 2021

15 December 2021

With the contractor’s two-week Christmas break nearly upon us, here is the last BFTF progress update of 2021. What amazing progress has been achieved since the contractor arrived onsite at the end of April!

Building for the Future

Behind the scenes

2 December 2021

The project is continuing swiftly with work on the church centre having begun and work continues to progress in the church building and the courtyard. We have another video update for you (featuring some snow).

Building for the Future

Progressing on to the next stage

10 November 2021

It’s time for your next Building for the Future project update and as you know we’re not far off from starting work in the church centre. We are well advanced in clearing the centre and storing items in new locations ready for work to commence.

Building for the Future

The vision for the Building for the Future is taking shape

18 October 2021

The vision for the Building for the Future Project is taking shape, as work continues at pace in the church building. The scaffolding in the East tower has been removed to reveal a sparkling view of the top of the tower.