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Children are a wonderful gift and when a little one arrives it’s natural for parents to want to give thanks to God. We warmly welcome parents who want to do that in a public way in one of our church services. A ‘thanksgiving’ is a great way to do that and provides an opportunity for family and friends to share in the celebration.

Thanksgivings take place as part of our main Sunday morning services and we would be delighted to talk with you about arranging that for your child. If you would like to enquire about a thanksgiving for your child, please get in touch using the details below. A minister will then arrange to meet with you to discuss the service and possible dates.


A service of baptism is available where one or more of the parents is a committed Christian believer, who has been baptised and is actively seeking to follow Jesus in all of life. At the baptism of a child, parents are required to publicly make significant promises about what they believe and that they intend to be active in raising their child to be a follower of Jesus. Baptism is a sign of being a member of the community of God’s people, called the church, so baptising a child also indicates a commitment from the parents to regular and ongoing attendance on Sundays. We want to help parents to consider whether making these promises would be authentic to them, their intentions and what they believe.

To this end, we ask parents to first meet with a minister, and then attend a 3-week baptism preparation course.

During this course we consider the promises parents make at baptism and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Generally, one of the following three situations occurs after the preparation course:

1. You may decide that you’re not ready to bring your child for baptism. If this is your situation, we won’t pressure you to do something you’re not ready for. We would encourage you to consider a ‘thanksgiving’ service instead and to attend on Sundays to investigate things further. Regardless of whether or not your child is baptised, they are always welcome at our children and youth programmes (click ‘What we do’ above for more details).

2. You may decide that you need a bit more time to think through the decision. As we have already mentioned, this is an important decision, so we understand the need to think it through carefully. Again, we will not pressure you, but would be happy to offer the help of further meetings or the chance to simply come along to church and get to know other Christians, while finding out more about Jesus.

3. Finally, you may already have received the gift of forgiveness and new life from God and live as a follower of Jesus, or have decided you are ready to become one. We would then discuss the baptism of your child and possible dates.

If you would like to consider having your child baptised at Fulwood, please get in touch using the details below and we will be in contact to arrange a meeting and provide the dates for our next baptism preparation course.

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