Find out about the role of the PCC Standing Committee

Standing Committee is an executive body of the PCC, whose role is to conduct the business of the PCC – as delegated to it by the PCC – between PCC meetings.  It provides a helpful sounding board for the Vicar to discuss pastoral matters and to seek accountability in his decision making.

Standing Committee normally meets every month.  It provides its minutes to the PCC for consideration, accountability and discussion at PCC meetings.

Jonny Dyer


Pete Scamman

Associate Vicar

Bill Thomas

Church Warden

Stephen Rae

Director of Operations

Emily Davies

Church Warden

Alison Linsky

Deputy Church Warden

Paul Dodd

Deputy Church Warden

Chris Nex

Lay Vice Chair

Elected by the PCC each year from their number

Richard Holland

PCC Member

Elected by the PCC each year from their number

Emma Glaves

PCC Secretary

Ronan Wade