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2020 Vision
Realising plans for the year 2020 and beyond

2020 Vision

God opens our eyes spiritually so that we can see clearly. In His Word God has shown us that Jesus will visibly return one day with power and great glory to gather His followers together. It will be a marvellous day for Christians and an unimaginably terrifying day for those who do not know Christ, as they face judgement and a lost eternity. A clear vision of the future should change our priorities and every significant decision we make.

As we look to the year 2020 and beyond we want that future vision to shape the goals and aims for all that we do at Christ Church Fulwood.

Wide-angle lens

All over the world, men and women and boys and girls are facing a lost eternity because they have never been told the message of Jesus Christ, so we are committed to training and sending cross cultural mission partners around the world.

South Yorkshire is an area of 1.2 million people. The vast majority of them do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Only around 1.5% (18,000 people) go to church. Christ Church Fulwood its part of ReNew South Yorkshire, a network of 12 churches, representing more than 2,200 committed Christian people - over 12% of all Christians in the region.

ReNew churches are growing numerically and are led by people committed to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for our sins. ReNew South Yorkshire churches are committed to teaching the Bible as the inspired Word of God and they are churches passionate to see people saved for eternity.

We want to pioneer more Churches in the region, through planting churches and revitalising existing churches.

Focusing in

Along with having a vision for the region, we take seriously our responsibility to take the gospel to every person living in our parish and the surrounding area. We want to be growing Fulwood church to increasingly become a loving church family, where people of all ages and stages can come to know the Lord Jesus and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

We also seek to identify and then be training leaders. Through our Ministry Trainee Scheme and throughout the work of the church we want to train others to be leaders of churches, and leaders of specific ministries in a paid full-time capacity and through serving the local church in unpaid volunteer roles.

Our vision for 2020 and beyond is to continue to plant churches in the region and around the world, to train leaders who will lead Churches in this region, across the UK and all around the world, and to grow Fulwood Church, both numerically and spiritually.

Find out how you can get involved with the vision by looking through the following pages.