Our vision at Christ Church Fulwood is to plant churches, train leaders and grow Fulwood.

Planting Churches

From 2009 we set a goal to plant a church every two years for the next 20 years with the aim that they would become church planting churches. Since 2009 we have been involved in four church plants and are discussing plans for our next church plant. We want to see Sheffield full of vibrant, Bible teaching, gospel believing churches.

Training Leaders

In order to plant churches we need to train people to be leaders who are godly in character, and able to correctly handle the word of God. We train leaders throughout the ministry of the church, but principally through the Bible Training Yorkshire course and our Ministry Trainee Scheme. Some go on to be leaders of church plants in Sheffield, others lead ministries all over the country and around the world as mission partners.

Growing Fulwood

We aim for the church family to grow numerically and spiritually. We have a responsibility to see that every resident in Fulwood hears the gospel of Jesus Christ and that our friends, neighbours, colleagues and family come to know Jesus Christ, therefore much of what we do is focused on evangelism. But we also want to grow disciples and seek to help everyone who is part of the church family to become mature in Christ Jesus.